Beckmann & Jörgensen GmbH

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Beckmann & Jörgensen GmbH Company History

The company was founded in 1898 in Hamburg by Mr. Beckmann who was joined in 1902 by Mr. Jörgensen. It operated successfully in the Port of Hamburg until WW2 when it moved to Copenhagen.

The company was then sold to a holding in the sixties and purchased in the nineties by Mr. Nakken whose heirs manage it to the present day.



Our Services


National and international inspection of grain, fruit and oil cargoes.

Technical Inspections & Logistics

We are the authorized agent of Bekhrad International Inspection Services (BIS) in Tehran and carry out pre-shipment inspections for machines and technical equipment shipped into the Iran.


Rhine/Main freightage through our Mannheim office.

Special Services

More about damage-assessment, Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL), Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC), Shop-inspection, Expediting